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Do you own a family-friendly Restaurant?

Yes, the right domain name is often hard to find. But there is GOOD NEWS. is perfect domain for a family-friendly restaurant website, newsletter, blog or social media landing page — and it now available.

Use it for a newsletter, blog or your flagship website…

Also, consider this:

  • the Registration paid up to date.
  • 20+ years of search equity (search value + single ownership) built in to the domain – originally placed into service December 1996. This puts the value of any site built off this domain in the range of $7500 – $16,000+ is a premium domain and it is FOR SALE. Contractual obligations have expired. The domain was used successfully for a number of years by a large Midwest family restaurant chain and then for a geographically-specific family dining guide.

We are not a domain name broker. We own this domain name.

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